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If you have any concerns about not being able to see the full image (sharpness, eyes, etc.) due to the watermark, email me.  Unfortunately I do need to add the watermark to deter the theft of the photos I post online.   Purchased prints and digital images will only have the © signature in the lower right corner.  

Images can be purchased by clicking the "Buy" button .  You can either buy a single image, multiple images from the same gallery, or a photo package (see below for buy 4, get 1 free packages).   

Show specials often apply -- so be sure to check each event's specific gallery header for time-limited discount coupons!    

Note that indoor arena competition shots (Rancho Murieta, Santa Rosa Fairgrounds, etc.) can be a bit grainy due to the low light so printed images larger than 5x7 may suffer a loss of sharpness and quality.  

**All print orders will have shipping and sales tax charges added to the amount due.
**Digital downloads do not require shipping or sales tax charges. 

If you're looking for a gallery that has been previously published but is no longer visible, just email me and let me know which trial/dog/handler you're looking for and I can pull them up from the archives.  

Email me at photos@agilek9s.net regarding my acceptable use policy, additional questions regarding discounts and pricing overall, how to order, special sizes or products not in the shopping cart, or if you just want to give me feedback on my photos.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Erika Maurer

Erika Maurer Photography - 125 South Main Street #178 - Sebastopol, CA  95472

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