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Here you can search for your photos by dog name, handler first or last name, show site, club, dog breed, etc. Start with just one or two basic keywords (club, location), and then refine your search from there, adding commas between keywords.  In some cases I didn't get the running orders synced with the photos, so not all dogs may be identified.  
You can also view the keyword cloud below to start browsing based on assigned keywords.  

Email me at if you have questions about how to find your photos. 

7 2012 2013 20121116 20121118 ace ace dog sports agility aitken akc all american american foxhound anne annette arlene aryn asca august aussie australian cattle dog australian shepherd avila awards barbara bay team bay team cpe dog agility bc beagle beam behrens belgian malinois belgian tervuren biagl biathlon bigmb bijmp black bliss bob boca bolt border collie bowers boxer bristol brody cali candid candids candy carly carol carrie carroll carter case cassandra catherine chaffin chagl championship charles chss cochran collie cool cope county wide cowhig crush dave deanna deborah del valle demetre derrett diana dirtt doberman pinscher dog agility donna dozer duncan elizabeth erin excmas express fairchild fairgrounds fast final finesse fontaine gail gaiser gamblers games georgia golden retriever grant greg grubel gyes hervel hob nob hutchinson irena italian greyhound jack jax jeannette jen jennifer jim johnson july jumpers jumping jww kajava karen kat kelli kelly kim kucharski kyna labrador retriever lage larson laura laurie leone equestrians lily linda lisa lori manchester manja mantell manzanita park marcy mary masexc masfnlagl masfnljmp masters final masters heat maureen mecklenburg mensona mia michaels michelle mike miller moe morris motion murieta equestrian center nancy napa valley navarre nichols norwich terrier nov nova scotia duck tolling retriever novice novuki olmstead opchfnl opchrd1 open open championship pam papillon parson russell terrier pasa pat pembroke welsh corgi petaluma pete pleasanton poodle portuguese water dog power paws practice prunedale puppies quill quinn rancho murieta rat terrier rd1 rd2 reed regional rex rich rider robert rogers ross rumble sacramento san jose sandy santa rosa scott scout shetland sheepdog shetland sheepdog club of northern california smith solei speedstakes spider sscnc stacy standard starters jumpers std stephanie strenfel stripe susan suzi sydney t2b terry thomason time 2 beat time to beat tnt toland tonic tracs tracy trip turlock two rivers agility club of sacramento uki us open us team usdaa vic voelkel wao wendy white wilson winkler wonder zarra ziggy zoller
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